East Pawtucketville Neighborhood Group meeting

Here’s the latest meeting notice from the East Pawtucketville Neighborhood Group:

East Pawtucketville Neighborhood Group Meeting
Monday, April 30th – 7:00-8:30 pm at the Pawtucketville Social Club, 123 University Avenue

“We are making extraordinary progress. Come and help us keep up the momentum.”

What we have accomplished:
• We are working with Lowell Police and UMass-Lowell Administrators to design short and long term strategies for quelling the noise and violence in our area.
• We are working with the City Manager’s office to enhance our neighborhood with trees, plantings, and a clean-up.
• We are making new friends, extending our network, and showing we are a force for good in our neighborhood!

Upcoming Meeting:
• Hear reports about the progress we are making on our goals.
• Hear follow-up report from UMass Lowell, City Police, and City Manager’s Office about progress in dealing with identified neighborhood needs.
• Hear Ideas for new projects

Why Attend:
• Communicate your concerns/problems in person
• Make a difference in your community
• Join in the planning and action!

East Pawtucketville is a great place to live and work. Help us to share this news with the city.