Chelmsford Election results (unofficial)

Thanks to the Chelmsford Patch for these early results:

Selectmen (2 seats)

George Dixon – 3251
Pat Wojtas – 3085
Roland van Liew – 2376
Jim Murray – 1614

New Fire Station
Yes – 2468
No – 2162

4 Responses to Chelmsford Election results (unofficial)

  1. Rachel says:

    While it may seem that the fire station had even marginal support (substantially less than 300 voters approved), there are two big issues that did NOT get mentioned here.

    One, the question about the fire station was in very small print at the bottom of the back of the ballot.

    Two, voters were NOT given clear indication that there was a question on the ballot about fire station and thus there were 1,377 BLANK votes town-wide.

  2. Kathleen Rea says:

    I didn’t notice any signs around town indicating voting for or against the fire station. This would have been a clear indication of how to vote on the ballot if you were against building. Also, the wording of the referendum was ambiguous: do you want the town of Chelmsford to pay? Well, yes, I would rather the town pay than me as a taxpayer, pay! Politics as its worse!

  3. Leo says:

    To the two previos comments: if the votes had been in your favor would you be pushing the agenda and crying foul or moving forward and celebrating a victory? Further I have to believe if you went to vote on the Fire Station question specifically and couldn’t find it on the ballet, wouldn’t you ask a question? If not I think those who did not vote … Didn’t care. Also how about if the majority ended up voting in favor, what would your argument be? Just because they may have missed the question doesn’t mean they were on your side. Bottom line there is a democratic process in place and it worked… Some may have not got what they wanted but that’s part of the process. I say to bad for those who didn’t exercise their right to vote and could have had a say…. That’s more telling. Time to accept the outcome and move on.

  4. Rachel says:

    In response to your comment about asking if the question was on the ballot, I’ve heard from several people that wanted to vote but missed the question. From what they told me, the staff at the polling locations NEVER told them that there was question on the ballot about the fire station even when directly asked. I experienced that personally myself–I asked the staff at the polling location if the fire station question was on the ballot and they said NO!

    I am not convinced that nearly 1,400 people did not vote because they don’t care. If that was the case, then why are Chelmsford town reps AND the Lowell Sun receiving a lot of complaints about this? The Sun published an article about all missed votes because of all the complaints–clearly, there is more to this issue.

    “Bottom line there is a democratic process in place and it worked…” My family has contacted each of the 18 Precinct 1 Town reps. Of those 18 reps, 14 IGNORED us entirely and never made any attempt to get back to us. I ask you Leo, does this sound like a properly functioning democratic process?