UMass Lowell Veterans thank Greater Lowell Vets

From left in above photo: Mike Hubbard, Ryan Green, Bob Cronin, Bob Page and Bob White.

Last night at the monthly meeting of the Greater Lowell Veterans Council at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Mike Hubbard and Ryan Green, the commander and vice commander of the UMass Lowell Student Veterans Organization, presented certificates of appreciation to three of the leaders of the Greater Lowell Veterans Council, Commander Bob Cronin, Vice Commander Bob Page and Adjutant Bob White. The plaques read:

Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of your support of the 2011 UMass Lowell Veterans Week celebration

Congratulations to Bob, Bob and Bob for a job well done. It’s great to see that some of the more than 600 veterans now going to school at UMass Lowell have begun collaborating with other local veterans groups on activities and events.