Kiwanis Club of Greater Lowell to honor Paul Marion

Paul Marion and Dick Howe Jr. Photo courtesy of Kevin Harkins

Tomorrow night at Lenzi’s our own Paul Marion will be honored by the Kiwanis Club of Greater Lowell with the Tom Kelakos Community Spirit Award. Tom was the owner of LOMEDCO medical supply company and was a member of Kiwanis for nearly 50 years. Tom’s legacy is one of quiet generosity. The Kiwanis Club created this award in his honor after his passing several years ago. Past recipients include Mike Keunzler, Karen Frederick, Fred Simon, Michael Lally, Deb Belanger, The SRO – Standing Room Only Players, Lura Smith, Donna Hunnewell, Rita Mercier and Jeff Lambert.

Congratulations to Paul for this well deserved award.

9 Responses to Kiwanis Club of Greater Lowell to honor Paul Marion

  1. PaulM says:

    Thank you, Capt. Paul (somebody from San Francisco once said to me that Lowell is a city of Pauls). And thank you, Dick, Marie, and Tony for having me on the team at And thanks to all the people who offered congratulations and good wishes and generously contributed to the Kiwanis Club event coming up tonight. They tell me that the early returns indicate that tonight’s event will be one of their best in the annual series. Lowell is a truly generous community. Let’s remember Thomas Kelakos, who personified that spirit, so much so that he provided the humanitarian foundation for this annual event that keeps on giving in his name.

  2. Marie says:

    When asked by the Sun about Paull Marion being honored with the Kelakos Award I was pleased to comment: ““Paul Marion is an author, poet, thinker and cultural activist and professional who has become an important voice for Lowell. For over 30 years he has guided, chronicled and espoused community cultural activities in the city – his commitment has been a constant – telling the story, inspiring partnerships, helping program development – from his time at the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission to his role today at UML as Executive Director, Community and Cultural Affairs.” My sincere congulations to Paul – my friend and colleague!

  3. Dave P says:

    Hard to think of anyone who cares so deeply about Lowell and personifies its possibilities in his dreams. A man who thinks big for the Mill City and understands that to call him poet — and we do — is high praise indeed.
    Rave on, Molitor.

  4. Office of the Mayor says:

    The South Common Sage
    Walking Across the City
    Stops, Looks, and Gathers

  5. PaulM says:

    I’m liking all the haiku writers. We could be on to something here. “Gathers” is the surprise here, just what a haiku wants. Nice.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Received article from the Sun in mail today from Aunt Joan Roy. Congratulations from your relatives in California. We are so proud of you!