Lowell Tweet-n-Greet big success

Thanks to the nearly 50 people who came to LTC this morning for our Tweet-n-Greet. The attendees covered a wide range of Twitter abilities and personal and professional backgrounds and was, in many ways, reflective of Lowell. Thanks to everyone on the staff at LTC who worked on the event and thanks especially to LTC Board President Mimi Parseghian who donated the refreshments.

Before we went our separate ways, I asked many of the attendees for suggested “next steps” for the Lowell Twittersphere. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Don’t wait six months to have a follow-up activity; do it much sooner
  • Create a publicly available on-line list of Lowell Twitter users to make it easier to find folks to follow
  • Compile a list of “writing prompts” for those struggling to find things to Tweet about
  • Hold a workshop of intermediate users to brainstorm community uses of Twitter’s advanced functions – envision a space with wifi so everyone can connect vial laptop, iPad or smart phone

Those are the ones I remember.  Please use the comment section for additional “next steps”.  Thanks again to all who made this morning such a great success.

One Response to Lowell Tweet-n-Greet big success

  1. Lynne says:

    Can’t one of us create a “list” in Twitter and then publicize that, and keep it as updated as possible, and allow other people to use the Twitter API to incorporate that list into any website that want to?

    I don’t make much use of lists right now but this seems tailor made for it.

    If you want someone who makes great use of lists, it’s David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix (a Twitter monster).