WLLH WSSH Radio 1986 Vintage Video

This video is of particular interest to me since I worked at WLLH radio here in Lowell for seven years producing the drive time show, Morning Magazine hosted by the late Paul Sullivan. WLLH (AM) and WSSH (FM) were both owned by the same man and before the days of Sullivan I were housed in the same location in Lowell. Believe it or not, in those days the AM signal (at 1400) on the dial was more valuable than its FM affiliate. There are some familiar faces (and old equipment) in this video.

Here is the description of the video taken from the original poster mcolbysr.

This video was taken in 1986 just days before WSSH “Wish 99.5 FM” moved from it’s 20 year home in the heart of Lowell, Mass – to its new Studios and Offices in Woburn. The station was sold shortly thereafter to Noble Broadcasting.

Appearing in this video are Steve Chartrand, Alan Chartrand, Brad Shepard, Joe Plett, Bob Ellis, Dan ‘Nelson’ Ugolini, the late (great) Bill Heckbert, Bill “Mann” Kressman (fondly remembered as “I Kressman”), Anne Tierney O’neil Schlosser Shepard (we all knew her as ‘Nancy”), Frank “Sunday” Messina, and more…

4 Responses to WLLH WSSH Radio 1986 Vintage Video

  1. Dave Faneuf says:

    I worked there a couple of times (moved on by the time this video was made).
    When the station was at Dutton and Broadway *the old Giant Store” (Remember, “In the Valley, this is the Giant! Lowell and Lawrence, WLLH”) We used to turn the microphones on and watch the meters rise even though we were not talking. We called it the “building rumble”. It was the vibration caused by the looms operating in the rest of the building by Joan Fabrics!

  2. Dan Nelson Ugolini says:

    Oh. My. God! I don’t remember this being recorded, but there I am cueing up a Ricky Skaggs song in the WLLH studio. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I worked WLLH back in the 60’s on news. Never forget that stairwell. The smell etc. I think they added a lock on the lower door, and was a good thing. (I moved to Dutton St from Rex Center). WLLH & WLLH FM simulcast most of the time I was there. Then they brought in a robot to do the FM side. Seems like they had more staff there when this was taken. Only one I recognize from my time is Frank Sunday. Haven’t been in a radio station since I was a guest on Paul Sullivan’s show when the station was on Church St., where I was able to tell him I was the original Paul Sullivan in Lowell radio. I really do miss most of the old days and people in Lowell radio.

    Paul T. Sullivan, WLLH class of 1969 (roughly)