Photos from Winterfest

As I drove in Westford Street from Drum Hill earlier today, an orange city of Lowell dump truck rumbled past me. In its wake the street seemed to be strewn with a handful of grayish chunks of snow. Momentarily baffled, I noticed a second truck approaching and saw its bed piled high with slushy snow. I was viewing the 2012 Human Dog Sled Track on the way to its final resting place after a successful Winterfest. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon on Arcand Drive and snapped a few pictures that I’ll share here:

Michael Conway promoting the Lowell Rotary’s “Hot Roasted Marshmallows” booth, one of the most popular stops for kids given the number of sticky faces I observed.

The Lowell Rotary Club’s “Hot Roasted Marshmallows” booth, with Chelmsford Selectman Jon Kurland overseeing the fire.

Huskies from Northern Exposure Outfitters staging a sit-down strike in protest of the outsourcing of their work to human beings.

Lowell City Council sled with Rita Mercier seated and Ed Kennedy reading the map.

City Council team pulling in the same direction with (from right to left), Kevin Broderick, Mayor Patrick Murphy, City Clerk Mike Geary and Rodney Elliott.

Winterfest Ice Sculpture by Eric Fontecchio