Dickens and Middlesex Community College

Happy bicentennial birthday wishes to one of the most famous visitors ever to Middlesex Community College, Mr. Charles Dickens himself!

That is the first sentence of a wonderful entry about the famous author Charles Dickens’ visit to Lowell posted on the Middlesex Community College blog. Its titled… “The Dickens, You Say”.

I’ll be honest, when I read the opening sentence of the post, I asked myself, how could Dickens have visited MCC? It is a fascinating story: …during his visits, he was known to pop in to visit businessman John Nesmith, who was in the process of building his stately manor at 229 Andover St., the property now owned by Middlesex Community College and its Foundation and known as the Nesmith House! (MCC blog)

To read the entire Middlesex Community College entry on Dickens click here.

One Response to Dickens and Middlesex Community College

  1. Maureen Spinney says:

    Hello Mr. Howe: I am Director of the MCC Historic Homes and would love to hear what you know about Charles Dickens visiting John Nesmith. I’m getting conflicting stories from our records and the Lowell National Historical Park.
    Thank you. Maureen Spinney