Lowell area book publishers round-up

Today I attended the Lowell area small press book publishers round-up at the Old Court. Authors and publishers had tables around the perimeter of the large second floor of the pub, displaying their books, chatting with the many readers in attendance and with each other, and autographing copies for buyers. The event was well-organized and relaxed, creating a great opportunity to socialize with others interested in Lowell. The authors and publishers in attendance were kind enough to introduce themselves to my video camera:


2 Responses to Lowell area book publishers round-up

  1. Mimi says:

    Thanks for the vlog. I will add some of these books to my reading list and will make the suggestion to my book group.

  2. Jim Wilde says:

    Wow. Sorry I missed this event. There was so much going on in the Lowell art scene yesterday. And when did Joe Marion become an adult? Oh my. Loom Press was well represented.