AFN Super Bowl commercial competition

Besides being the best fighting force in history, the modern US Army apparently possesses multimedia capability. AFN (American Forces Network – which I used to know as Armed Forces Network) is sponsoring a Super Bowl commercial competition. Because it doesn’t air commercial commercials (which some find to be the highlight of the Super Bowl), AFN must fill those gaps in its overseas broadcasts. Hence the competition. Viewers are invited to submit an original commercial that is either 14 or 29 seconds long. The best of these submissions will be shown during commercial breaks in the actual Super Bowl telecast.

I’m not suggesting any of our readers submit entries – you must be an AFN viewer to qualify – but I think it’s an interesting idea, maybe one we can bring to our own Lowell Telecommunications Corporation. How about a contest for commercials to be shown during City Council meetings? Just a thought. Anyway, here’s a link to the AFN entry page and below is a commercial produced by my old unit, the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.