A new blog in town

Check out Lowell Resident, the latest addition to the city’s always-active blogosphere. I’ve added a link to the site in our Blog Roll in the right hand sidebar.

Let me also invite others to jump in. The mechanics are pretty easy. Just create a Google account (or log in if you already have one) and find “Blogger” among Google’s many tools and applications. Make a couple of choices about a template and a blog name and that’s it. Posting is as easy as sending an email. The real challenge of blogging is in creating content. You don’t have to write something everyday, but don’t let weeks pass between posts. Writing is all about getting into the habit of doing it. Some people are in the habit of watching TV all night, some sit at the computer. If you do the latter, just spend 15 or 20 minutes of that time writing instead of reading or watching. What to write about? Something that interests you. It could be local politics (there’s an insatiable appetite for more of that) or it could be about what’s going on in your neighborhood. That’s one area where there’s a real gap in Lowell’s blog coverage. If one or more resident from each of the city’s neighborhoods would write a couple of times each week about stuff going on in that neighborhood, it would benefit everyone in the city while strengthening the sense of community in each neighborhood.

But I digress. This post is to congratulate and welcome one Lowell Resident who has taken the plunge. Please visit, read and comment.