Headline wishes for 2012 by Marjorie Arons-Barron

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My friend and colleague Tom Waseleski, editorial page editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, always prepares for New Year’s Day an aspirational list of headlines from which  many of us could benefit. Here, with my own imprint, are the headlines I’d like to see in 2012.

National Jobless Rate Drops Below 7 Percent
Those Benefiting from New Health Care Law Organize to Defend it
GOP, Dems Achieve Deficit Reduction Grand Bargain
Congress Passes Dream Act
Congress Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Patriots Win Super Bowl
Pakistan Routs Terrorist Strongholds
U.S. Withdraws from Afghanistan: Woman Elected President
Sanctions Work: Iran Accepts Nuclear Restraints
Buyers’ Remorse: Tea Party loses House seats
New Bookstores Thrive across State and Nation
Congress Closes Loopholes in U.S. Tax Code
Spring Comes Early to Massachusetts
Tough New Gambling Commission Becomes Model for Country
Patrick Health Cost Containment Law  Embraced by All
Taxpayers Win: Cities and Towns Join Group Insurance Commission
Massachusetts Leads Nation in Creating New Businesses
Candidates Obama, Romney Thoughtfully Debate Role of Government
Boston Celtics Win More Games Than  They Lose
Democrats Lead Fight to Raise Social Security Age
Republicans Support Raising Income Threshold for Social Security Tax
Fears of Arab Winter Unfounded
Bruins Repeat
Cure Found for Black Spots on Roses
Boston Schools Transfer Millions from Busing to Classroom
Bill Bellichick Speaks in Paragraphs
U.S. Companies Bring Offshore Jobs Home
Tech Support from Bangalore Call Centers becomes Comprehensible
Mayor Menino, Don Chiofaro DineTogether in new Greenway Restaurant
Eyesore Removed : Downtown Crossing Cuts Ribbon for Filene’s Replacement;
Wall Street Bonuses Pegged to Quality not Volume
Congress Votes Global Warming, Energy Independence Law; Obama Signs
US Passes China as Green Technology Leader
Red Sox Atone for 2011 Epic Meltdown
Arons-Barron’s Husband Finishes Long-awaited Book

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.