Middlesex Community College: A Christmas Story

The entry below is from the Middlesex Community College blog. The story touched me when I read it. Is is wonderful to read such an inspiring story on the holidays.

One last post before Christmas, to give a holiday high-five to one of our own, Chris French, 21, of Lexington, seen here shaking hands with MCC Executive Vice-President Jay Linnehan alongside Dean of Facilities Matt Sepe.  Chris in addition to being a part-time employee with our Facilities Department is also a student in our nursing program.

And apparently, in his part-time, is a life-saving Santa Claus.

Chris, who hails from a law enforcement family in the Bedford and Lexington communities, was playing back-up Santa for the real deal recently for a group of Bedford schoolchildren.  One of the children, though, was having an anxious time with it, afraid to personally sit with Santa, because he was afraid of the man in the big red suit.

As the boy was leaving the Rotary Club event with his 51-year-old father, the boy’s father stopped to give Chris a high-five.  But as he did so, the father suddenly collapsed at Santa’s feet.

Chris, having recently just been re-certified in CPR, knew there was a problem.  Still dressed as Santa, Chris lowered the man to safety, then knelt and began taking the man’s vital signs, his pulse and heart rate.  As Chris prepared to begin performing CPR on the father, two doctors at the event rushed in to take over, and Chris was able to back off.

But thanks to the immediate help of everyone involved in getting the man the medical attention he desperately needed, the father is alive today, to celebrate Christmas with his family.

The boy in the incident will likely never forget the image of Santa Claus helping to save his dad’s life.

To borrow from Linus, that’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.