Fate of Textile Memorial Bridge

Below is a video produced by CopleyMedia , once again providing an interesting glimpse of Lowell.

With the construction of a replacement bridge in progress, the historic Textile Memorial Bridge is slated to be demolished for salvage metal. The bridge was named in honor of 16 veteran’s who attended Lowell Textile Institute and died in World War II. Some feel strongly that the bridge can be repurposed as a pedestrian and bicycle access. UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan sees the merit of such an argument, and is studying the possibilities of the University owning and maintaining the bridge as open green space.

3 Responses to Fate of Textile Memorial Bridge

  1. Ray says:

    The Textile Bridge was an iconic structure in my Pawtucketville neighborhood. Those of us who grew up near it hung out under the bridge, swinging on that old tarzan rope, climbing around its steel girders, and walking on the riverbed rocks below. Its preservation and re-use as a pedestrian and recreation area is a terrific idea, especially if there is a swing rope installed and girder climbing lessons provided.

  2. Phil Terrana says:

    I remember marching over this bridge as a freshman ROTC student in 1964-65. At the time most of us didn’t think it would hold up long enough to get to the other side. I lived that year on Mt. Washington Street (Avenue?) and crossed it every day on way to school. My most lasting memory–cold, very, very cold.
    I’ve always liked all the bridges in Lowell and would like to see this one preserved.

  3. Bob Forrant says:

    Saving the bridge has a major safety aspect as well. A pedestrian overpass over the Boulevard could be built from the middle of the bridge over to North Campus and stop students from crossing in totally reckless ways. Sooner or later there is going to be a tragedy there.