Picking winners in the council election

I was recently reminded that back on October 16, Jim Peters posted this article in which he singled out three council challengers – the three who were elected last Tuesday. I don’t know of anyone else whose electoral prediction was so accurate, so congratulations, Jim. Here’s the relevant part of what he had to say:

Vesna Nuon and Marty Lorrey get two more of my votes. Vesna and Marty are good, honest men whom I have known for years and always viewed them as putting the city first and politics last. As far as my other six picks go, I am not quite sure yet. I like the way that Ed Kennedy has been really pushing for a seat. I have encountered him a number of times, going door-to-door to get out his vote. For the large part, the rest of the field seems to be taking it for granted that they will be “picked” and do not have to get out there and fight for their votes.