Storm Damage

Sorry for the gap in posts but all of our authors were hit pretty hard by the storm. Like so many other area residents, I’m still without power (Tuesday, November 1 at 2:30 pm) at home and there’s no sign it will be restored anytime soon. When keeping warm and fed take up a bigger chunk of your time, blogging has to wait which is kind of academic since no power also means no internet access (I’m writing this from the Pollard Memorial Library among the other storm refugees using their free wifi).

The Registry of Deeds has also been without power since Saturday night. Because of legitimate courthouse security concerns, the building has had to remain closed to the public since then. If power is not restored overnight, we do plan to open for limited document recording tomorrow at Lowell City Hall tomorrow from 10 am until 3 pm. We will stay there from day to day until power on Gorham Street has been restored.

Driving around has been a revelation. The scale of the damage is obvious. Besides the personal inconvenience, the many businesses without electricity are undoubtedly suffering major economic losses, and the lack of traffic lights and outdoor lighting overall have made life a bit more dangerous. We’ll all have plenty more to say about this event once power (and life) gets back to normal.

One Response to Storm Damage

  1. Joe S says:

    I had occasion to travel to Nashua yesterday, and they have fared far worse than Lowell. I can only imagine how the towns to the west with much higher snow totals are doing. But they probably have learned to become more self-sufficient, a lesson that we in the city could learn from.