Fred Doyle takes to the radio

Here are last Saturday’s and this Saturday’s installments of city council candidate Fred Doyle’s radio campaign:



3 Responses to Fred Doyle takes to the radio

  1. Downtown Taxpayer says:

    I think this candidate finally hit the nail on the head when he talked about the elderly man from his neighborhood who can’t afford to take his wife out to dinner anymore.

    Our property taxes keep going up along with our unemployment rate. Fees keep going up, and our incomes are frozen or going down.

    It seems the only people getting raises these days are the City Manager and the people he keeps hiring from outside the city.

  2. Bob Forrant says:

    Yes – Occupy Lowell. We have all of the same problems, including numerous empty store fronts, high poverty in several neighborhoods, still too many foreclosures and empty homes, too many young people who can not afford higher ed nor find a decent job, and lots of seniors who can not afford to live on their retirement checks.

    There certainly is much that is positive in the city as the birthday party for the Tsongas arena demonstrates. And, last Sunday I guided several visitors from around the word on a tour of the city to learn from what Lowell does right. But, I’ve said it before and been chastised for it, and will say it again: There are really at least two Lowell realities and the council, school committee and city manager need to acknowledge and deal with this fact moving forward. Times are a lot harder out there in the neighborhoods than anyone wants to publicly admit.