The Globe documents the collapse of the Red Sox

Why would anyone in New England watch soap operas when we have the Boston Red Sox? The Globe’s Bob Hohler gives us the first of what I expect to be many accounts of the collapse of the 2011 Red Sox in this front-page story. Among the highlights, or lowlights more accurately, Manager Terry Francona was distracted because (1) he split from his wife (2) he may have been abusing pain meds and (3) he was (justifiably) worried about the safety of his son and son-in-law, both Marine officers serving in Afghanistan. The owners were distracted by their outside interests, most notably the cable TV network NESN, their English soccer team, and their NASCAR race team.

The starting pitchers who were said to be drinking beer in the clubhouse during games rather than sitting on the bench supporting their teammates are identified as John Lester, Josh Beckett and John Lackey. They were also munching on take-out fried chicken and biscuits and playing video games. The three also neglected their conditioning as anyone who watched them pitch in September could attest. Wakefield? He was more concerned with his personal records than with the team’s well-being. Ellsbury? He always worked hard and had an MVP season, but lingering hard feelings from comments made by teammates during his injury-plagued 2010 season made him a clubhouse loner who rarely interacted with his teammates. And the list goes on and on.

2 Responses to The Globe documents the collapse of the Red Sox

  1. Fran McDougall says:

    The spoiled brats I can agree were prime in this downfall but I’m having a hard time processing the pill popping womanizing of Tito. That bit of info really blindsided me. I guess he did have to go and I wish him well in what ever it is he chooses to do but I hope that part of it includes getting some help with all his demons. The overpaid divas will have to be handled in a different way, including a new manager like , maybe, a John Farrell type. Goodby to Youk, The Captain, Bid Papi and Nancy Drew. Who else can we dump? Can’t think off the top of my head without losing a lot of contract money. Can’t wait for spring training, not.
    This past spring they were terrible and I should have sensed it then. Best team EVAH! NOT.

  2. Slim Pickens says:

    So Fran, how did separating from ones wife morph into ‘womanizing’. There has been nothing of the sort reported. Says a bit about you however, that you would come to this conclusion….