One Lowell to discontinue operations

It looks like One Lowell, the ten-year old advocacy organization for newcomers to our city, will be shutting its doors soon. Here’s part of a notice that went out earlier today via email:

After careful study, the Board of Directors has determined that our remarkable programs require a parent organization with a geographical scope and depth of funding that exceeds our capacity. We realize that ONE Lowell has a unique mission and our intention is for that mission to continue. We are working diligently with our non-profit partners to find a sustainable home for our programming.

As of November 1, 2011, ONE Lowell will discontinue operations.

2 Responses to One Lowell to discontinue operations

  1. Joe S says:

    It’s up to other organizations and citizens to adopt some of the mission of One Lowell. I would suggest looking into developing the Smith Baker center into a cultural arts venue as one step in that direction.