“Young Angel Midnight” launch party

A party to celebrate the release of “Young Angel Midnight: An Emerging Generation in the Arts in Lowell” was held tonight at the Appleton Mills at 219 Jackson Street. First, the space, both inside and out, is simply incredible. The last time I visited this spot was in early November 2010 when Governor Deval Patrick came here to view the work just before the last state election. Back then, it was a construction site; today, it is a brilliant work of architecture (check back for a before and after video coming this weekend).

Inside the huge atrium of 219 Jackson Street, a crowd that easily surpassed one hundred mingled and chatted, bought books, and listened to musicians and poets. The book, an anthology of poems, stories, pictures and paintings by young Lowell artists, was published by Bootstrap Press. From the back cover: “This book showcases Lowell’s art scene, which is culturally and aesthetically diverse, vibrant and extensive.” Additional copies of the book are for sale through the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL).

Here are some scenes from tonight’s festivities: