Opening of Kerouac Exhibit at Lowell National Park

The official opening of the Jack Kerouac Exhibit at the Lowell National Historical Park Visitors Center at 246 Market Street took place earlier this evening. The video below brings you part of the ceremony:


One Response to Opening of Kerouac Exhibit at Lowell National Park

  1. Bob Forrant says:

    Was at Appleton Mills and at the National Park for both events Thursday evening. What a cool city to be in! Remarkable stuff in 2 old but beautifully restored mill spaces, a great mix of people and perhaps the highlight for me, must have seen nearly a dozen former students all doing terrific things in the city I am happy to call home. Got to say being a teacher is just the best job in the world next to left fielder at Fenway Pakh! And hats off to everyone associated with the new book and this evening’s events at both places. Really does put the city’s creative efforts in a damn good light.