More debate questions

Housing question: How do you help young people stay here when they can’t afford to buy a home? Khazei says higher ed is great asset. We need a home insurance program that protects against defaults. We should help people refinance to lower rates. Also promote new business startups. Massie says need good home, schools, doctors and jobs. Need all four. Scott Brown has voted against all four. We need multiple types of housing like owner occupied multifamily. Robinson says bring in jobs that provide enough income to be able to afford to live here. Warren says we have a broken housing market. 250000 families underwater, 40000 already foreclosed, we can’t get this cleared out. There’s no accountability in the system. Three years ago modest approaches might have headed it off. We can’t restart economy nationally until we seriously address housing, to level it out. Conroy gives examples of what’s being done at statehouse: keeping doctors here through loan forgiveness; more affordable housing; get more Federal discretionary money here, not eliminate it. DeFranco says jobs are the only solution, especially good union jobs. Would support “employee free choice act”.

Two lightning round questions: One thing done to improve our state in past year. Massie has spent past year talking about sustainability and climate change around the state. Robinson has spent all of this time campaigning. Warren spent a year building a consumer financial protection bureau (loud applause) so people are less likely to get gouged on credit cars, mortgages, says it’s going to be a good agency. Conroy has held two jobs, one in private sector, the other as state rep helping constituents every day. DeFranco says volunteer commissioner on Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Khazei cites “Be the Change” and making sure that all who want to serve in Americorp can.

Mandatory service question: Robinson says should be manditory training only and woman should be in infantry if they want. Warren says volunteer military works best. Those who volunteer, women should be in combat arms because they’re just as tough as men. Conroy supports mandatory service for everyone, wouldn’t preclude women from combat. DeFranco opposed to mandatory service, women should be in combat. Khazei has built much of his life trying to build a national service structure, but it should be a choice. If we made it available, people would serve. Women in combat is OK. Massie, no mandatory, yes to women in combat

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  1. David F says:

    “Massie has spent past year talking about sustainability and climate change around the state. ”

    Wow what a powerful qualification. If only more Americans would step up and contribute like this!!