Lightning Round

Lightning Round: Brown paid for law school by posing in Cosmo. How did you pay? Warren says “Well I kept my clothes on.” Then says she went to a public university, worked, took out jobs, etc. The others all say about the same, loans, help for parents, jobs, spouses, etc.

Next round: Question about recent KIA in Afghanistan. To DeFranco, says absolutely withdraw by end of 2012. Khazei says shares condolences with family of deceased Mass soldier; says to audience we need to get out within a year, it doesn’t make sense. We can use the money here. Massie agrees with rapid withdrawal then shifts to how we treat veterans. New GI bill good, concerned about treatment for brain injuries and homelessness of vets. Robinson says “mission has been accomplished in Afghanistan” and we should come home. Says he won’t vote for any more wars like that. Warren says all three brothers served in military so understands how good our military is. Says elected officials have to use our military wisely and effectively. Says the lesson of Afghanistan and Iraq is we should never go to war without being willing to pay for it; we put the cost on a credit card. We must be careful with troops and we must pay for it. All of us go to war or none of us go to war. Conroy says we should withdraw but do it prudently. Compares money spent in Afghanistan to money spent in US on education. Says economic security as important as military security.

Meehan followup: Has President O been too slow to get us out of Afghanistan: all answer yes.

Next question: Should marijuana be legalized? Khazei: by the way, “I did inhale and I did enjoy it.” Supports medical MJ but not full legalization. Massie concurs. Robinson says it should be legalized and sold like alcohol to big applause. Warren says not legalized. Conroy says same. DeFranco says maybe eventually but says alcohol is addictive too. Says resources should be devoted to substance abuse treatment.