Health care question

How will you protect funding for Planned Parenthood (online question from UML student). Conroy says always been a huge advocate of woman’s right to choose and would continue that. DeFranco says she has a strong record for fighting for woman’s right to choose. Khazei says Brown originally voted to defund Planned Parenthood but switched his vote when he got heat from Massachusetts. Says we all have to put pressure on leaders in DC. Massie cites his past health problems so understands what it’s like to be deprived medical care. He would fight against that. Robinson agrees. Warren says how do you best protect Planned Parenthood. What worries her is how many people are timid about supporting it. You have to be a leader and say it clearly and often.

Another lighting round: Every driven under influence of alcohol? All answer no.

Question mentions Weiner-gate, pictures on Twitter and then lied about it. How would you handle a mistake? Khazei says we all make mistakes, have to own up to it and improve in the future. Massie says began as a minister, we’re all flawed, we have to admit our mistakes. Robinson says would admit to it. Warren says if she had to admit to something in front of microphones, she’d do it by herself and not have family member join me. Conroy says would not do it again. DeFranco says she’d do what she tells her legal clients.

Question: What do you think of the “Occupy” protests: Massie says its a great idea. When people are deeply frustrated, that’s what they should do. Robinson: supports them as long as keep it peaceful. Warren says everyone has to follow the law as a start, but no one understands the frustration more than she does. Wall street broke this country and there has been no accountability even after 3 years. Conroy applauds their civic engagement and wants to represent them and all the other disenfranchised folks. DeFranco supports them; we have a long history of peaceful protest arrests. It’s democracy. Khazei says he talked to them yesterday and was inspired. They feel that Washington doesn’t get it and Wall Street needs to be held accountable.