First round of questions

What makes you think you can win? to Conroy. Calls himself best hope to beat Scott Brown; to give voice to all those who have felt disenfranchised. Wants to compare his voting record as a state rep to Scott Brown’s. Calls Brown and “empty suit with an empty list” of accomplishments.

DeFranco answering same question. Says her Federal law practice makes her used to being underdog. Stresses strength in Essex County. Says Essex South Register of Deeds John O’Brien has endorsed her.

Khazei says 20 year record of grass roots. Says Brown has delivered nothing. Senate needs to fix what’s broken by using what’s working here in Massachusetts.

Massie says long history of underdog candidates in beginning doing very well in end. Cites Deval Patrick and Barack Obama and Scott Brown. Says its important for all candidates to be given attention. Says once his record is known he will be nominee.

Robinson says his strength is he’s not a career politician. He’s an engineer with a long record of getting things done. Will push for little or no long term capital gains tax on IPOs.

Meehan reframes question to Warren, “is the race already over?” Warren says Forbes magazine names Scott Brown “Wall STreet’s favorite senator” and that’s not an award I’m likely to get. It’s all about America’s middle class families. This is my life’s work. I’ve researched it, written about it, gone to Washington to work on it. It’s all about middle class families.