Candidate videos from October 3rd City Council forum

Thanks to this morning’s rain, I was able to upload the videos of last night’s Lowell Citywide Neighborhood Council candidate forum on “Finances, Taxes & the Budget.” The fifteen council candidates in attendance – Paul Belley and Vesna Nuon were unable to attend – were asked to spend their two minute opening statements addressing the following questions:

1. What is the role of a Councilor?
2. What are the major elements of a balanced budget?
3. In our current budget, what is expendable, what is not, and how would you reduce costs and raise revenue?

Then, after each candidate was asked a question by an audience member, each candidate was given one minute to recap what each of them would do as a councilor regarding city finances and the budget. I video recorded the opening and closing of each candidate and combined the two for each candidate into a single video clip which I’ve loaded onto YouTube. Click on the candidate name below to reach that candidate’s video from last night:

Corey Belanger
Kevin Broderick
Fred Doyle
Rodney Elliott
Ed Kennedy
John Leahy
Marty Lorrey
John MacDonald
Bill Martin
Joe Mendonca
Armand Mercier
Rita Mercier
Jim Milinazzo
Patrick Murphy
Van Pech