Elizabeth Warren’s Announcement Video

Oh yes, now Massachusetts has a real senate race!

3 Responses to Elizabeth Warren’s Announcement Video

  1. kad barma says:

    Actually, observing Democrat hegemony for decades over the seat in question, I might suggest your headline is a couple of years behind the times. Oh yes, now Massachusetts has a real Senate race, only it was originally Scott Brown and his popularity which has required it to be so. Good for all of us. Good for Elizabeth Warren. Good for Scott Brown. Let’s have a choice for a change. The theory is, an energized electorate given fair choices will make the best one for all of us. Could be Elizabeth. Could be Scott. Could be someone else not being given a chance to articulate what they have to offer owing to the media frenzy generated by someone without the sort of experience one normally expects in a Senate candidate. I, for one, wish that fairer attention might be paid to all the candidates, since Elizabeth Warren becoming the front-runner for the Democrat nomination for Massachusetts Senator is a lot like Rick Perry becoming the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President. It disrespects a lot of other people with a lot of other meaningful things to say.

    Oh well.

  2. Jack Mitchell says:

    What we are seeing is a flash mob lifting E.Warren. I’ve been studying this stuff and I can’t figure out how much is grassroots and how much is astroturf. The better campaigns make that line almost impossible to distinguish.

    It should be noted that the other candidates have had the opportunity to grab us and keep our attention. They have not. So, it seems, that E.Warren is filling a void that they have left available.

  3. kad barma says:

    Fair points, Jack, with the caveat that the “opportunity” other Democrat candidates for this office have potentially enjoyed has been somewhat consistently undermined by media speculation of Warren’s eventual entry as part of a lion’s share of the stories. (At least it’s seemed that way to me). I take it all to indicate implied respect for the strength of Brown’s candidacy, that the previous entrants to the race have been judged lacking, at least by the media, if not by the potential primary electorate’s collective yawn over the past weeks and months. Warren is certainly photogenic, but she also needs to learn not to shake so much on camera to become a bit more telegenic. ;-)