Elizabeth Warren visits the Globe

Elizabeth Warren’s pre-campaign for the United States Senate seemed to enter a new phase yesterday. Previously, she’s attended a bunch of invitation-only, off the record house parties that were closed to the media. Yesterday she visited the Boston Globe which has a story by Frank Phillips and Noah Bierman and a column by Brian McGrory who, despite his signature cynicism, was clearly impressed by Warren, calling her a “New kind of contender.” In both the article and the column, the central theme of Warren’s campaign was made clear. Here’s what she said:

“I came out of a hardworking, middle-class family,’’ she said. “I came from an America that created opportunities for people like me, and I now see an America where the government works for people who already have money and power.’’

If Warren does decide to run and if she can overcome the efforts of the right to drown out her message with distracting nonsense, then she clearly could be a serious threat to incumbent Scott Brown.

One Response to Elizabeth Warren visits the Globe

  1. Christopher says:

    I just want to push back a bit on this “invitation only” idea that has come up regarding meetings with Elizabeth Warren. I attended a house party in Andover (the most crowded of such events I have ever attended), for which there must have been a very generous “invitation”. It may not have been announced in the media (House parties even for declared candidates rarely are.), but I heard about it through a couple of emails making the rounds and I put it on my list of Democratic events I send out for the Merrimack Valley. Since she is still in the thinking-about-it stage I would argue that she is casting a WIDER net than most potential candidates who at this stage would only be talking to their own families and close friends.