Downed tree limb

A little after 9 this morning I heard an explosion from outside the house and caught sight of a simultaneous flash out our front door. A large tree limb had fallen across the power line that runs down a side street to the houses behind. We never lost power but I fear my neighbors weren’t so fortunate. We called the police and National Grid, both of which have surely been busy all day. The limb continues to hang there, hooked on the (incredibly strong) wire. From the look of the gouge taken out of the tree, I’ll have to take the entire tree down but hopefully someone will come soon and deal with the hanging limb before the wire gives way entirely.

3 Responses to Downed tree limb

  1. DickH says:

    Usually when I put the dog out in the backyard at night, I don’t have to turn on our house-mounted flood lights since lights from the neighborhood behind us provide sufficient illumination but not last night. Everything back there was in darkness.

    As of 5am today the Daley School neighborhood was still in darkness. Walking the dog at that time revealed a handful of generators rumbling away but no major trees or branches down. But it was very dark then.

    Since 5am, a National Grid van has been parked beneath the damaged wire beside my house (shown in photo above). I assume the utility worker inside is waiting for reinforcements before tackling the downed limb and repairing the wire.

  2. Dean says:

    I think that we should study trees versus power lines. I wish all power lines would be underground, but I know that is not going to happen.