RIP Amy Winehouse

Today family and friends will bury performer Amy Winehouse.
The first time I ever “heard” or “heard of” Amy Winehouse was the night of the 2008 Grammy Awards. Truthfully, I never watch these shows, but for some reason that night my channel surfing stopped on the awards show. Cuba Gooding was in the middle of introducing Winehouse. As soon as I heard her unique voice I was blown away. Winehouse performed live by satellite feed from London because she was undergoing treatment for drug addiction. Winehouse’s gave a riveting performance of her hit “Rehab”. She won three Grammys…Song of the Year, Best Female Performance of the Year and Record of the Year. After seeing/heraring Winehouse that night I purchased several of her songs for my iPod. But the singer’s fall was fast and steep. Below is a video of an intoxicated Amy Winehouse’s in Belgrade at her last concert. It is in total contrast to the second video that shows Amy at her best.
It is so sad when such a talented artists is destroyed by inner demons.