Appleton Mills Opens: From Idea to Fact

Congratulations to everyone at Trinity Financial,  City Hall, and in the arts community who helped make the idea of artist housing in the Hamilton Canal District a reality. Here’s the news release from Gov. Patrick’s office about the ribbon-cutting Tuesday at the Appleton Mills artist live-work space project. Once again, cultural-related development is headline news and good news in Lowell. This is big. Lowell’s cultural renaissance is “busy being born,” in the words of a songwriter who has performed in Lowell.

“We are committed to making investments in projects like these that bring economic opportunities to residents and businesses in Lowell,” said Governor Patrick. “The Appleton Mills Project is an outstanding example of job creation, affordable housing and revitalized infrastructure in our Gateway Cities.”

“The development will bring vibrancy to the downtown Lowell district and provide an attractive place to live and work for residents,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “Investing in affordable, mixed-use developments in our Gateway Cities is important to both the residential and business opportunities in our communities.”

2 Responses to Appleton Mills Opens: From Idea to Fact

  1. Joe S says:

    With the infrastructure starting to be put in place, this area is transforming from wasteland into a city. Lucky are those who are able to find affordable housing and workspace in this complex.

  2. Bob Forrant says:

    Lots of cool things happening in this area already including good food at the Courthouse Deli, other restaurants, the liveliness of a charter school, the return of Elliot’s Hotdogs, and the recent coming of the Revolving Museum into an old mill space on Jackson Street, and the significant construction taking place to build a wonderful community health center there as well.

    Being involved with the Revolving Museum I am over there quite a bit and the positive changes are visible in ways no one could have imagined a few years ago. Now, if we can start to couple decent paying work in the area too, it will establish the ‘perfect storm’ of exciting and sustainable development which does not have to gentrify long time residents of the area out.