Rioting in . . . Vancouver?


Before yesterday, if you had asked me in which city of North America was rioting least likely to take place, I might have answered “Vancouver.” As the above video makes clear, that’s not the case. As this article from the home-town Vancouver Sun and this one from the New York Times make clear, this was not a handful of drunks outside the Rogers Arena. It was a full-fledged riot with incinerated cars, looted businesses and lots of folks taken to the hospital.

The fans in Boston behaved much better. Obviously it helps to have won, but congratulations should also go out to the Boston Police and their commissioner, Lowell-native Ed Davis, whose strategy for the evening seemed to work to perfection.

2 Responses to Rioting in . . . Vancouver?

  1. Renee Aste says:

    This morning I was readying the on going blog/twitter feed from a local Tv station, one of the few times where a journalist dropped an f-bomb and it was OK. They were so ashamed and embarrassed.

  2. Mark says:


    Vancouver is the origin of the we lost we’re gonna break sh*t, flip cars, and set fires riot back in 1994. I said it last night on facebook that the actions of last night should come as no shock. However Bob McKenzie from TSN (Canada’s ESPN) reported that a large portion of the rioters were in fact anarchists and the left/green party operatives that used the loss as an excuse and cover to riot. Sad.