Lowell Spinners bobble head schedule

There’s nothing that will match Jack Kerouac bobble head night at the Lowell Spinners, but a mailing I received yesterday with this year’s special event schedule discloses some interesting choices:

    Carl Yastrzemski (June 18)
    Rich Gedman (June 27)
    Bobby Doerr (July 1)
    Terry Francona (July 20)
    Ryan Kalish (July 25)
    Freddy Sanchez (August 2)
    Sgt Mickey O’Keefe (August 18)
    Sen Scott Brown (August 22)
    Dustin Pedroia (August 26)

In addition, the 2011 New York Penn League All-Star Game will be played at LeLacheur Park on August 16. For more info about tickets and special events, check out the Spinners website.

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