Welcome to “culturehive.com”

I recently asked Justin Kwan, the founder of the new Lowell-based website culturehive.com to send a post introducing himself and his website:

When I moved to the Lowell area four years ago, I was first introduced to the art scene from a post about the Urban Village Art Series that I saw at the Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus in downtown Lowell. I attended the event and met an artist who then introduced me to the rest of the art scene in Lowell.

Recently, I started asking myself how I could become more involved in the art community at large. What could I contribute? In order to answer this question, I wanted to learn more about the artists in the area. I started by trying to find out who the artists in the area were, where I could see samples of their work, and how I could contact them. I noticed that artists have individual websites or facebook pages. I also noticed that some galleries and studios in the area have links to some of their artists’ websites. Why couldn’t all this information be in one location so that it would be easier to connect with artists and why didn’t every artist have his or her artwork on the Internet?

From this question, I envisioned culturehive.com as a website designed to connect creative people, creative organizations, and their supporters . The word creative has a wide interpretation – it can range from traditional art and performance art to cooking to beekeeping to inventing. As long as a creative person has the desire to show the world his or her passion, he or she can help contribute to a project highlighting rich and diverse human achievements. I believe different creative disciplines have a lot to offer each other. For example, traditional artists such as painters and sculptors can connect with performance artists, musicians, chefs, and scientists. This type of collaboration often sparks new creative ideas.

The site also features regular articles about events in the area which involve creative people. An article about the Artbotics exhibits at the 119 Gallery and Revolving Museum highlights the intersection of technology and art. The opening of UnchARTed Studios in downtown Lowell shows artists’ continuing commitment to keep art thriving in the downtown. Look forward to more articles on the site!

If you are an artist or otherwise creative person and are interested in creating a profile on the site, please contact justin[at]culturehive.com. If you are interested in staying up to date with articles and culturehive news, please sign up for the email list on the site.

I appreciate your support in helping the site grow.

Justin Kwan
culturehive.com Founder