3rd Annual richardhowe.com Community Haiku Project

Okay, who’s counting—I know it’s April 4. The haiku writers got an extension because of the weekend start for National Poetry Month. But here we are. Gentle-people and not so much-ers, start your compositional engines. Send traditional (5-7-5) Japanese-style haiku or looser Western haiku that say a lot in three lines in the vein of Jean Louis Kerouac, late of Lowell, to your haiku editor here at info@loompress.com. We will post one or two daily as the supply lasts. We may throw in a few ringers from the canon on a slow day, but this is really about our readers being the writers. Anyone can write a haiku. Very democratic form. Even our colleagues from across the aisle can write, revise, and not extend but compress their remarks.