Greg Page and Mass Eye and Ear

A variety of eye maladies has kept me visiting the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary regularly for the past dozen years. I’ve always been pleased and thankful for the treatment I’ve received there, so much so that this year I began making a modest donation to the hospital’s annual fund. For doing that, I received MEEI’s 2010 Annual Report in the mail this week. Thumbing through the booklet, I was surprised and pleased to see a familiar face – friend and fellow blogger Greg Page who’s now on active duty with the Massachusetts National Guard in pre-deployment training in Texas before moving to Afghanistan. Here’s what the MEEI publication says about Greg:

A newlywed on leave from his full-time National Guard position, Greg Page noticed a bump on his tongue during his honeymoon. The then 31-year-old was diagnosed with squamous cell tongue cancer. After surgery and a tongue reconstruction, Greg is now cancer free and able to speak, smile and enjoy married life.

One Response to Greg Page and Mass Eye and Ear

  1. kad barma says:

    What an understatement! They say “speak, smile and enjoy married life as if that was both a surprise, (which it may be–cancer sucks), and a polite way to excuse something unspoken about the limits of his recovery. If I hadn’t known the back story, I would never in a million years guess Greg had been through what he has. An amazing story. And the remarkable recovery could not have happened to a nicer, more deserving guy. Thanks for passing this along.