Movie casting call and upcoming MRT play

Nancye Tuttle reports that Hollywood is coming back to Massachusetts. After the terrific experience we all had with “The Fighter”, a new movie, starring Kevin (King of Queens) James, will be filmed this spring. A casting call in Lowell will be held this Sunday. Details below:

Boston Casting has announced two calls this weekend for a new Kevin (King of Queens) film Here Comes the Boom, slated for filming in the area late March to early June. According to my sources at Boston Casting, they need hundreds of people of all ages for this comedy.

Here’s the specifics. There’s an open call on Sunday at the VFW Lowell, 190 Plains St., Lowell from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and another that day from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Burlington Mall, 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington. Bring a current photo.

Nancye also enthusiastically writes of the just-opened MRT play, Two Jews Walk into a War, which she predicts will be one of the funniest MRT performances in a long time. Nancye plans to see the show this weekend and will post a review later. For now, you can find her preview post on her blog, Nancye’s World.

One Response to Movie casting call and upcoming MRT play

  1. Nancy P. says:

    Saw the MRT play last night – it is a wonderful play – with Will Lebow (ART). We seen him in Merchant of Venice and other plays at the ART. He is a great actor – and this play is very good- just two people in Kabul. Very strange place for a comedy/farce – yes it is contemporary. We really liked it. Between the Exceptionals and this one, the MRT is offering terrific entertainment ( and thought provoking also) to us in the Merrimack Valley.