The Ouellette Bridge

Tony Sampas provides some close-ups of the Ouellette Bridge, named for Joseph Ouellette who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor during the Korean War. The bridge runs from Lelacheur Park on the south side of the river to Top Donut on the north. It’s also known as the Aiken Street Bridge

5 Responses to The Ouellette Bridge

  1. George DeLuca says:

    There’s an iron plaque on the north side of the bridge that may be inspiration for the plaque that’s being discussed by the “Textile Memorial Bridge Committee” to honor the 16 veterans who were alumni of Lowell Textile Institute, and who gave their lives during WWII. Perhaps Tony or someone else can get a shot for all to see on this site.

  2. PaulM says:

    My cousins from Tyngsboro used to drive over the bridge to visit other cousins in Centralville, and called it “The Singing Bridge” for the way the car tires “hummed” on the steel surface.

  3. George DeLuca says:

    Yes, my father called it the “singing bridge” also. He’d take us over the bridge in our 55 Chevy when we were kids and we’d have a contest to see who could hum the longest from one end to the other. He’d cheat and take a breath, then continue humming and we’d laugh and laugh and kid each other! It was a highlight of my childhood!