Middlesex Community College Setting Up Tsunami Support Centers for Student, Staff and Community Members

Middlesex Community College is responding to the natural disaster in Japan by setting up support and information centers for students, staff, faculty and community members on both the Lowell and Bedford Campus.

This morning the college posted details on its blog in the following post.

Tsunami Information Center

The devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan today will directly and indirectly affect millions of people. Middlesex Community College is especially concerned about members of our extended campus community whose family and friends are affected by this disaster.

Support services will be offered on both our Lowell and Bedford campuses. In Lowell, please visit the city campus cafeteria at 33 Kearney Square, and in Bedford, please visit the Dean of Student’s Office (Building 9) on Springs Road. All students, staff, faculty and community members are welcome.

The centers will officially open today at 2:00 for any students, faculty/staff, and community members who wish to discuss the personal, local, and global effects of this devastating event. Crisis counselors are on hand, and we are providing internet access for anyone looking to track information via the worldwide web. Please join us and invite members of your extended community to join us as well.

In the meantime, please use this blog to communicate with us your personal experiences, as well as to offer prayers or support for those affected by this devastating tragedy.

4 Responses to Middlesex Community College Setting Up Tsunami Support Centers for Student, Staff and Community Members

  1. Pamela Flaherty says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with friends and families at this time. These disasters remind us of how large our community is, and how it expands beyond the brick and mortar of our MCC buildings. We welcome the larger community to come in and experience a place of comfort and support during this very difficult time.
    Pam Flaherty,
    Dean of students Middlesex Community College

  2. EileenL says:

    My niece, a LHS graduate is in Tokoyo right now. She felt the shaking while at work, hid under her desk and had to walk home. Fortunately, her home for 5 months was nearby but some coworkers had to walk 9 miles to get home.
    She has felt many aftershocks but feels relatively safe. She has power and is on the 3rd floor of a 10 floor building.

  3. EileenL says:

    I forgot to mention that we all knew she was safe when we woke up this morning and saw her posting on facebook. :-)

  4. EileenL says:

    She is trying to get home. Infrastructure is gone. No stores open and no food available to purchase. She has 4 packages of oatmeal and not much else. Trying to arrange travel to the airport which is 40 miles away with transportation mostly out. Everyone is very scared about the nucleaur facilities. Hopefully more information from her employer will help.