Academy Awards: Christian Bale Thanks Lowell

This is a video of Christian Bale accepting the Best Supporting Actor Award last night at the Academy Awards Ceremony. Bale in a heartfelt, professional speech thanked the City of Lowell, Micky Ward and Dickie Eklund.

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6 Responses to Academy Awards: Christian Bale Thanks Lowell

  1. Marie says:

    As you note Tony – this was a heartfelt and professional acceptance speech. Bale was more that gracious to his co-cast members and to Micky and Dicky. As much as I love Melissa Leo as an actress I was not thrilled with her speech although it was hard to hear all of it at Cavaleiros last night. Speeches aside – they both truly deserved their Oscars!

  2. Nancye says:

    Great pr for Lowell and for Dicky and Micky. So glad the movie got made and that it and they are getting the attention they deserve. Dicky’s story is a true “comeback kid” one and Micky is the sweetest guy, with a true heart of gold. They deserve the attention and it will be interesting to see what the “next chapter” in their lives turns out to be, as Bale so aptly put it.

  3. Steve says:

    I’m with Marie. She was great as Alice Ward. But for God’s sake Melissa, stop being Alice Ward when you’re accepting an Academy Award. Alice might have done a better job. Melissa Leo knew she was the favorite for months, and yet she appeared completely unprepared, unnerved, unhinged, and drops an F bomb to boot. No breaks for that performance Dean. Absolutely painful to watch and class-less.