Corner of Rock and School Streets

Tony Sampas draws our attention to the Power House at the corner of School and Rock Streets in Lowell

5 Responses to Corner of Rock and School Streets

  1. PaulM says:

    Tony, I hope when you were down there you saw the Nat’l Grid wall sign with giant pipes to the left in the optimum light.

  2. Steve says:

    There’s a good title and cover for, maybe, a book of Lowell poetry.

    A Lowell sign that always gives me an amused chuckle is on one of the garages
    of the Haffner station on Dutton Street. “Lubritorium.”
    I’ve never seen a “lubritorium” anywhere else.

  3. PaulM says:

    Idea up for grabs for a quirky book of “found poetry” from Lowell: Take language, buisness names, parts of phrases, etc. from signs, bronze plaques, architectural elements, monuments, and so forth from around the city and title the book, GOOD HARD WORDS.