MoJo of Lowell: The new face of capitalism

The Globe has a front-page story today about MoJo, a start-up apparel manufacturer based in Lowell that pays above the minimum wage and provides quality benefits to its employees, including free day care (the company’s name is a combination of “Moms” and “Jobs”). Because of that last item, most of its workers are single mothers who previously were caught in the “day care costs more than I make” dilemma of most entry-level positions. While MoJo’s products are slightly more expensive than those made in overseas sweatshops, but they are of better quality and many customers are willing to pay a premium when they learn of the company’s mission. MoJo’s biggest customers are college bookstores, Fortune 500 companies, and top-name entertainers acquiring merchandise for sale while on tour. Check out the company’s website which tells more about its mission and allows you to purchase its products online.