Community Supported Agriculture registration underway

For many years I understood the importance of adding more vegetables to my diet, but I struggled to move beyond frozen peas and corn. Two years ago I discovered Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and its summer-long flow of locally grown, fresh vegetables of both the old standby varieties like sweet corn and tomatoes and items more exotic to the typical Lowell palate such as collard greens and bok choy. Each week from June through October, you pick up a box filled with vegetables – my pickup point was the Market Street Market on the way home from work on Thursdays – and then you’re set for fresh vegetables for the rest of the week. The food is mostly grown in Dracut by farmers who are mentored and supported by the CSA organization which, in this area, operates in conjunction with CTI. Now is the time to sign-up for the program for this summer. It might seem expensive, but when you spread the cost over the entire growing season, it’s not so bad. Besides, you will improve your diet and support local farmers in the process. Here’s a link to the CSA page which includes sign-up information.