No school in Lowell on Friday

An email from The Boston Channel arrived at 5:26 am and the robocall from the school department came in at 5:50 am. Another long weekend for students and staff. The means of notifying folks that school is canceled certainly has changed. Websites now allow you to zoom in on the school district of your choice when it’s convenient for you to look. Text messages are good, but I find they usually lag behind the initial announcement. The continuous crawl across the bottom of the TV screen is good, especially now that the crawl continues even though a commercial is up. I remember when you’d be watching the TV news, glued to the set while the J’s and K’s rolled by, anxiously waiting the L’s and suddenly a commercial break and a further delay in your notification.

I’m not sure when the snow started falling, but at 5 am there was only a light coating so we did get out for a morning walk. It fell steadily making the amount of effort devoted to the walk rise, but even by 6 am, there was still less than 2 inches on the ground. The TV traffic people are reporting many accidents, though, and the weather people are still calling for up to seven inches by the time it ends at mid-day. The sun might even be shining for those driving home early; then we can get ready for our coming sub-zero burst over the next few days.