Abraham Lincoln in Lowell

Tony Sampas photographs the recently refurbished Abraham Lincoln Monument in Lincoln Square at the intersection of Chelmsford, Liberty and Lincoln Streets in Lowell.

2 Responses to Abraham Lincoln in Lowell

  1. PaulM says:

    Stunning. One of your best images, Tony. Wow. And this proves that it was a great idea for the City of Lowell and Lowell Heritage Partnership to collaborate on the restoration. I’ll never forget the re-dedication ceremony with the students from the Lincoln School nearby wearing home-made black stove-pipe Lincoln hats and singing patriotic songs.

    For those that do not know, the monument dates from 1909, the centennial of President Lincoln’s birth, and was paid for with pennies collected by students from Lowell schools. The restoration and re-dedication were Lowell’s contribution to the national celebration of the bicentennial of America’s still-favorite president.

  2. Marie says:

    Your images really show the good restoration that was done on the Lincoln monument. We need these on the LHP (Lowell Heritage Partnership) website. Will you share?