No school in Lowell on Thursday

With the twenty inches of snow – shown in these pictures shared by regular reader Paul S – that fell on Lowell just ending at around dusk, the school department wisely canceled school for tomorrow. I had to take the car out twice today – once late in the afternoon and again this evening – and while the streets are plowed pretty well, they’re not very wide and sidewalks and especially curbside snowbanks would make walking to school or waiting for a bus and risky endeavor.

3 Responses to No school in Lowell on Thursday

  1. Sha says:

    Glad your reader Paul S is taking those pictures and not myself!!! I’ll stick to hurricanes and tropical heat down here in the deep south, even though it has been a little nippy here as of lately. Keep warm in the great North East.

  2. Sha says:

    Opps…is that Christmas decorations seen in Paul S. pictures?? 12th night has come and gone…time for Mardi Gras to go up!!!

  3. Paul@01852 says:

    Ok! Ok! I’ll take the red ribbons off the decorations! That way I can claim they are St Patrick’s decorations a bit early!