City of Lowell Sand/Salt Sheds

The city of Lowell has announced the location of multiple locations where residents may obtain a sand/salt mixture for their own use. Here’s the list:

  1. DPW Complex/Middlesex Street
  2. Fire House/Old Ferry Road
  3. Former SJA Church parking lot/White Street
  4. Varnum School/Sixth Street
  5. Robinson School/Beacon Street
  6. Reilly School/Douglas Road
  7. Muldoon Park/Billerica Street
  8. Riverside School/Woburn Street
  9. Stoklosa School/Broadway
  10. Kirwin Park/Lawrence Street
  11. Oliveria Park/Chambers Street

The city has also pre-positioned larger quantities of sand/salt for use by city Department of Public Works vehicles (the former Landfill, the Water Treatment Plant, the Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the Martin Athletic Complex).  This will allow the city’s sanders to spend more time treating the roads and less time traveling back and forth to the former Landfill which was previously the only place where the trucks could refill.

I have created a map showing the location of all of these sites:

View City of Lowell Salt Sheds – 2011 in a larger map

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