Time to Dump the Telephone Book?

Every year Verizon delivers about forty of fifty telephone books to the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds where I work. Sixteen years ago when I first started working at the courthouse these books were gobbled up by both court and registry employees the day they arrived. Now they sit in the hallway barely touched. No one wants them. Today people get telephone numbers from the Internet and free services like Microsoft’s 1-800-BING411.

It makes you wonder, why does Verizon still print phone books? This video shades some light on the topic…

Let me know…does anyone still use a telephone book.

One Response to Time to Dump the Telephone Book?

  1. kenc says:

    the fact that Katie Couric DOESN’T use a phone book is all the more the reason why I like them. But I’m not the only one as they are still used for over 12 billion lookups a year