More Pollard Library stained glass

More images of stained glass windows at the Pollard Memorial Library. Photos by Tony Sampas.

3 Responses to More Pollard Library stained glass

  1. PaulM says:

    We need a gift book with photography of this quality that shows off the beauty in the city, from stained glass windows and sunset-lit brick-scapes to historical paintings and public monuments, parklands, and water views. On Thanksgiving, think of the project as a way of giving thanks for the natural resources and all the products of human good in this place.

  2. Steve says:

    Agreed. Also, I was walking the pooch the other night-I passed by the
    old Pine Street School, now, I believe, the Health Department. I saw a beautiful
    stained glass window in the back that must have been illuminated because a custodian was working there. I had never noticed it because I’d never seen it back lit. So a lot of these little treasures are hidden or unnoticed, which is why I think Tony’s photos are great. You get to “see” things you’ve sort of looked past for so many years.