Nancye Tuttle finds Lowell connections in Portland

Nancye Tuttle visited Portland, Maine this weekend and wrote a couple of blog posts that should be of interest to our readers. Nancye writes of her visit to the Portland Museum of Art to see a photography exhibit that reminded her of the work of Lowell photographer Joe Quinlan who has a studio at Western Avenue. After visiting the exhibit, Nancye headed to the Portland docks to purchase some super fresh seafood and ended up meeting Linda Greenlaw, the author/fishing boat captain made famous by Sebastian Junger’s book (and subsequent movie) The Perfect Storm.

Joe Quinlan became a friend back in the first grade at St. Margarets and has remained one ever since. He’s an immensely talented photographer (and lawyer and writer) his work is well worth seeing. As for Linda Greenlaw, she too has a Lowell connection. After her second book, The Lobster Chronicles, was published back in 2002, she did a reading and book signing at the Pollard Memorial Library that I was fortunate to attend. Greenlaw was a great story teller and had some fascinating observations about Maine, the fishing industry and life.